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Solar Energy | 2.26.2011
Give us a call today to make your home or business self efficient and reliable. Go green with one of our systems today!
Now Hiring| 2.25.2011
We are looking for qualified electricians to work on future and current projects please, send your resume to sergio.sanchez@intechelectrical.com.
DFW Communications | 2.22.2011
. We are proud to work with DFW Communications, a Data Cabling and Business integration company that specializes in high density networks and IT solutions. DFW Communications

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Posted on 10. March, 2011 by admin

Intech is proud to offer 24/7 Support to our Industrial clients, we also understand what it means when machines are down. Production is lost, man hours are wasted, and quotas are not met, it is our specialty to provide you with prompt response time and resolve the problem at hand. Our technicians are Ormec certified and have years of experience in the Industrial Automation field.

Question One

Posted on 04. April, 2011

I am a maitenance supervisor, sometimes we have machines go down and my question is if we can't troubleshoot it and fix it ourselves do you have emergency response to reduce down time?

Yes, as long as the place of business is within 60 miles of DFW we are usually there within the hour.

Question Two

Posted on 18. Dec., 2010

Does your company offer Automation service outside Texas?

Yes, we offer Automation Engineering in US and Canada