What’s New

Green Energy | 2.26.2011
Give us a call today to make your home or business self efficiant and reliable. Go green with one of our systems today!
Now Hiring | 2.25.2011
We are looking for qualified electricians to work on future and current projects please, send your resume to sergio.sanchez@intechelectrical.com.
Data Cabling | 2.22.2011
We are proud to work with DFW Communications, a Data Cabling and Business integration company that specializes in high density networks and IT solutions. DFW Communications

Our Services

Industrial Automation

We specialize in: HMI, PLC, VFD, Control Cabinets, Panel Upgrades, Custom Panel Building, Customized Process Control Applications, and Machine Modifications.

It is our goal to exceed our customers expectations and to engineer and design a product that will make production easier, precisely, and safely. We also troubleshoot and diagnose foreign machines, and other products giving you a go-to solution without having to break the bank and lose production time.

Our Values

Giving our clients a quality and reliable service, and completing each project in a timely manner safely and correctly.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the best customer service and strive to offer quality solutions to meet your needs.